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Storage Space Estimator – What size storage space do I need?

We Can Help: Most folks find it difficult to accurately estimate what size self storage unit they need just by looking at the items they need to store. Most tend to overestimate the size of storage they need. Most of all people overlook the vertical height of the storage unit and only consider the horizontal measurements. However, our staff is experienced so let us help.
Or you can use the handy estimator below or much more detailed on line tool.

Handy Estimator for Self Help:

Proper packing and storing can allow many items to be stored in a relatively small place. Listed below is a quick rule-of-thumb reference to help determine the amount of space needed. Remember removing table legs; using cabinet drawers; and using strong stackable boxes greatly helps reduce space needed.

Unit Size  Sq. Feet  How to Visualize What Could Fit? 
5 x 10  50  walk-in closet  1 bedroom
8 x 10  80 large walk-in closet  1 bedroom
10 x 10  100 small bedroom  1-2 bedroom home/apt 
10 x 13  130 average bedroom  2 bedroom home/apt 
10 x 15  150 large bedroom  2-3 bedroom home/apt 
10 x 20  200 one car garage  3 bedroom home/apt 
10 x 30  300 extra large garage  2-3 bedroom home/aptplus car or boat 
15 x 20  300 extra large garage  2-3 bedroom home/aptplus car or boat 
12 x 30  360 very large deep garage  5 bedroom home/aptplus car or boat

On-line tool: in City Storage in London Ontario has a detailed calculator tool for you to use: