Heated Units

With Alberta`s cold winters many renters seek heated storage. Edmonton Business customers especially like to use climate controlled lockers. Severe cold weather can damage samples, pharmaceuticals, computer equipment, trade show materials as well as important documentation. Checker offers heated self storage units as small as 25 sq ft to lockers of 500 sq ft. a HeatedLoadingBay2

When storing items for extended periods, you should consider climate control for your belongings. Heat and humidity will often damage your photographs, electronics, leather goods, videotapes and furniture. We understand that our Edmonton area clients want to preserve their household items, family heirlooms and precious memories. Checker provides you an extra space like your home; dry and warm with easy access and monitored security.

Items commonly stored in heated storage

Business Items and Equipment Home Ite
Computers & computer parts.          Leather or wood furniture.
Audio and Vidio equipment Antiques & heirlooms.
Restaurant equipment. Clothing.
Trade show displays. Craft supplies.
Window and advertising displays. Plastics.
Customer Samples. Paintings & other fine art.
Software, videos, DVDs & CDs.  Photographs.
Pharmaceutical samples & medical supplies. Musical Instruments.
Archival documents, tax files, & other paperwork. Media such as DVD, vinyl records, cassettes & tapes.
Seasonal inventory Cameras.
Televisions & stereos.